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Is SweepStake Mobi Legal?

SweepStake Mobi is a leading social casino site. In addition to our Gold Coin games, we use a unique sweepstakes model which allows the safe and secure redemption of Sweeps Coins for cash prizes to players in the US and Canada. We pride ourselves on adhering to the laws in the jurisdictions that we operate in. We engage with leading experts in those jurisdictions to ensure that we are fully compliant with all applicable laws.

Who is SweepStake Mobi?

SweepStake Mobi is a social casino owned and operated by 777 SweepStakes.

SweepStake Mobi aims to be a leading social casino bringing fun and excitement to social casino fans globally. Our initial focus is on the US, "the home of casinos", and Canada, but we intend to expand globally very soon, making SweepStake Mobi truly global!

Is SweepStake Mobi the only social gaming company to use Sweepstakes Prizes?

No, gaming companies offering sweepstakes with prizes is nothing new. There have been, and still are, many companies offering sweepstakes with prizes.

What are "Sweepstakes"?

Sweepstakes are trade promotions with prizes. They are used to promote the sales of products in our case – our Gold Coins – through prize giveaways and have been used for decades, worldwide.

How does SweepStake Mobi's Sweepstakes Model Work?

SweepStake Mobi, sells Gold Coins, a virtual currency which you can accumulate and play with, but which cannot be traded, transferred or redeemed for real money.

No purchase is necessary to enter SweepStake Mobi's sweepstakes.

Entries into SweepStake Mobi's sweepstakes are given to players in the form of Sweeps Coins. Sweeps Coins cannot be purchased and it has no inherent value. Players can always obtain Sweeps Coins free of charge as a bonus with the purchase of Gold Coins, or via an Alternative Methods of Entry (AMOE) such as mailing in.

Sweeps Coins can be used to play SweepStake Mobi's games. Sweeps Coins won as prizes (from playing our Sweeps Coins games) can be redeemed for real cash prizes.

Do I Need to satisfy an Identity Verification Process (KYC – Know Your Customer) and will my account be restricted until my identity has been verified?

Collection of information relating to identity

SweepStake Mobi needs to be able to positively identify our customers. The first step in this process is collecting certain personal identity information (such as your name, date of birth and residential address) from you before you make a purchase of Gold Coins.

Verification of identity

After collecting the information, SweepStake Mobi may separately be required to verify that the information collected is correct in order to comply with legal obligations that are applicable to us and in line with our commitment to responsible gameplay. You will be notified in your online account once we are required to verify your identity. If you fail to submit the required documentation within the time period indicated to you in such notification, you will not be able to play our games or redeem any Sweeps Coins until your identity has been verified.

Verification of account ownership

Prior to being able to redeem any Sweeps Coins for cash prizes, SweepStake Mobi needs to ensure that the account into which any cash prize will be paid is in your name. We are unable to pay any prizes into accounts that are not in your name.

What Documents Do I Need to Provide as Part of the Verification Process?

Verification of identity

Verification of your identity (including your name, date of birth and residential address) may be achieved by submitting one of the following documents which will normally need to be government-issued:

driver's licence; passport; or identity card.

The document submitted must still be current. In order to cross-check that the identity document submitted is valid, you may be requested to upload a photo or real-time selfie image of yourself via our dedicated portal.

If your identity document does not display your residential address, you may also need to submit one of the following documents as proof of your residential address:

bank statement; utility bill; or letter from a government authority.

This document must show your name, residential address and a date of issue that is within the last 6 months.

Verification of account ownership

In order to demonstrate that you own the bank account into which you would like any redemption of Sweeps Coins for cash prizes paid, we will require a copy of a bank statement (dated within the last 6 months) relating to that account in your name.

If you have a joint account (that is, an account in the name of two or more people), all account holders will need to satisfy the identity verification process outlined above, meaning all account holders will need to have their name, date of birth and residential address verified.

How Long Does it Take to Verify My Documents?

Once we have received the required documents in their correct form, we will verify them as soon as possible. The process depends on whether you have sent the correct form of identification or account ownership to us. If everything is correct, it normally takes about 5 days to complete the account verification process. Once your account has been verified, it normally takes about 10 days for your cash prize to be processed and reach your account.

Additional Verification

As per the SweepStake Mobi Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to request any additional documents and/or information that we deem necessary in order to comply with our legal obligations, including to verify your identity, the ownership of your account, your source of wealth or your source of funds.

What's the Difference Between Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins?

Gold Coins can be purchased by players to use with games in Gold Coin mode. Gold Coins can be used to play SweepStake Mobi games, but they cannot be transferred, traded or redeemed for cash prizes.

Players can always obtain Sweeps Coins free of charge as a bonus with the purchase of Gold Coins, or via an Alternative Methods of Entry (AMOE) such as mailing in. Sweeps Coins can be used to play SweepStake Mobi games in Sweeps Coins mode. Sweeps Coins won as prizes (from playing our Sweeps Coins games) can be redeemed as cash prizes.

What Other Companies Use Sweepstakes?

Many companies worldwide use sweepstakes to promote and sell their products. Sweepstakes promotions have been running for decades in the US and other countries around the world.

Companies such as McDonalds, Publishers Clearing House, Reader's Digest, Pepsi and Proctor & Gamble all hold widely known, and often global, sweepstakes promotions.

What is the Risk Laws Will Just Change?

Low. Sweepstakes are regulated in the US is on a state-by-state basis, so laws in 50 states would need to change.

Further, since Sweepstakes trade promotions are offered by a large number of brands and companies, including many multinationals, any regulatory change would have broad consequences and likely be challenged.

So Why Can't Other Casino Companies Implement the Same Sweepstakes Model?

Regulatory & Partner risks: Our competitors are generally reluctant to explore innovative models that are not considered "mainstream". This extends to key marketing, distribution and payment processing partners, who competitors would need to satisfy as to the legitimacy of their business model, a process which has taken SweepStake Mobi several years. Technology & Operations: The technology required to operate a sweepstakes prize platform is very different to that of a virtual currency only game, requiring far more robust, secure and thorough gameplay and reporting functionality. Operations supporting sweepstakes are also very different to games companies, as the payments, fraud and customer service profiles are very different.

Can SweepStake Mobi's Sweepstakes Model Apply to Other Gaming Products?

Yes. Some of these are offered at our sister site www.777sweepstakesmobi.com

How Do I Deposit Money Into My SweepStake Mobi Account?

You cannot deposit money into your SweepStake Mobi account. SweepStake Mobi is not a 'traditional online casino site' where you can deposit money to play with. SweepStake Mobi is a social casino site which offers game play for our two virtual currencies, Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins

If you want to enjoy the fun of the Gold Coin play all you need to do is register and you are ready to start playing. If you want to take part in our Sweeps Coins games, you can do so using Sweeps Coins . Sweeps Coins be obtained free of charge in a number of ways including, as a promotion when you purchase Gold Coins, by winning one of our Sweeps Coins giveaway competitions or by sending us a letter. Check out our Sweeps Rules page for further information on how to obtain your free Sweeps Coins

What are the Minimum and Maximum Amount of Sweeps Coins I Can Convert to Cash?

You need to have won a minimum of 10 Sweeps Coins as prizes before you can redeem them for cash. There is currently a maximum amount of 500 coins for every 24 hours.


We are able to provide you with a record of your Sweeps Coins prizes. However, you are responsible for the payment of any taxes with respect to those winnings. Please refer to paragraph 7 of the Sweeps Rules with respect to your responsibilities for the payment of taxes.


We only conduct business through this website only, we do not operate on facebook or any other places. Please do not engage in any kind of business through any other platforms or you might fall victim of fraud.